cardboard fire escape copied from local pub

Sugarcoated, Artsway, Hampshire

Escape from the Forest Heath was a site specific work, replicating the fire escape from Artsway's local pub as a life-size copy in the gallery space. Made entirely from found cardboard, tape and household paint, the 4m long structure was completely self-supporting, despite its obviously ramshackle nature. Built at right angles to its model at the back of the pub next door, the stairs disappear into the fabric of the gallery,

Sir Christopher Wren, 2006, was a screen print made directly onto the wall of Artsway's central gallery. The impetus for this work stems from a story about Sway's main landmark, Sway Tower, a 218ft concrete tower built in the 19th century. It's architect, a Judge Peterson claimed that during a visit to one of the New Forest's famous spiritualists, the spirit of Christopher Wren gave him the plans for this project. At the time of this exhibition, planning permission was being sought to place mobile phone transmitters on the top of this building. Depicting what at first looked to be a damp stain on the white walls, the print showed an image of the face of Christopher Wren appearing from the ether.

Exhibition Catalogue, with text by Peter Bonnell (pdf)
© Andrew Parker and DACS, 2009